New superclub Booom! Ibiza specifies a bespoke Pioneer Pro Audio club sound system to take the island by storm

    Ibiza's hottest new club, Booom! Ibiza, was looking for a brandnew club sound system to epitomise the venue's ethos of high quality and excellent service. Booom wanted a powerful, striking system with an immersive sound that would enable people to dance all night and hold comfortable conversations. Having been "blown away" by the system at a demonstration in Tokyo, the team commissioned Pioneer Pro Audio to design and install the speakers for the entire club: the dancefloor, DJ booth, bars and VIP areas.

    "There are some great sound systems out there. But I actually think Pioneer have made a better one: they've brought back a warmer, bassier sound, which gives you a hug rather than slapping you in the face. It's probably the best sound system in the world."

    Giuseppe Cipriani, proprietor, Booom! Ibiza

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    A new sound for Ibiza's newest club

    In July 2013, Ibiza Town got a new superclub, Booom! Ibiza: the high-spec vision of global hospitality icon Giuseppe Cipriani and club industry veterans Danny Whittle and Mark Netto. The Booom team set out to redefine excellence on the club circuit, designing the midsize venue from the ground up with a focus on quality and service.

    Central to this ethos was producing unrivalled sound quality, as Danny Whittle, musical director at Booom, explains: "Sound can make you laugh and it can make you cry; that's how important it is to people. And it is the most important thing in a nightclub."

    The team set out to install the richest sound system possible for the entire venue: the intimate dancefloor and the VIP areas and bars. They wanted a combination of deep, resonant bass, a punchy chest kick, and well-defined high frequencies, yet a comfortable sound that would encourage clubbers to stay all night.

    Booom owner Giuseppe Cipriani explains: "It is very important to have the amazing feelings of the music, like the vibrations of the bass, but still be able to talk."

    Whittle and Cipriani were interested to learn about the flagship club sound system Pioneer was developing with the legendary Gary Stewart, so they flew to Tokyo to experience the speakers for themselves.

    "We were blown away by the sound," says Cipriani. "The experience exceeded expectations; it didn't take much to decide after that." Booom commissioned Pioneer to design the sound system for the entire venue.

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    A complete bespoke system

    Pioneer sound engineer Alex Barrand worked with Booom and local installers The Shop to design a bespoke sound system that would deliver best-inclass sound.

    For the dancefloor, the team installed four threemetre-high GS-WAVE stacks in each corner of the dancefloor. The GS-WAVE's deep, warm bass is provided by a WAV-SUB multi-fold hyperbolic horn subwoofer with two 18-inch rear-loaded drivers, and an optional large horn extension that adds another 4 dB at 50 Hz.

    Two high-power WAV-LOW speakers deliver a tight punchy kick in the low to mid range. Topping off the system is the WAV-LENS, loaded with two coaxial compression drivers to ensure crystal clear sound reproduction, and Pioneer's signature Acoustic Lens for 110-degree horizontal dispersion.

    The dancefloor stacks are balanced by the XY Series in-fill speakers. To immerse the DJ in the sound, the DJ booth has four XY-122 12-inch monitors and a pair of XY-215S 15-inch quasi-bandpass subwoofers. In-fill is supplied across the club by a further nineteen XY-122 speakers, twelve XY-81 8-inch ultra compact loud speakers, and fifteen XY-118S 18-inch bass reflex subwoofers.

    "The 12-inch and 8-inch compact PA speakers feature 90 x 60 degree dispersion and a rotating horn, so they can be installed horizontally or vertically," explains Barrand. "Combined with the XY- 118S and the XY-215S bass bins, the XY series gives a clean, tight and crisp sound that complements the GS-WAVE series very well."

    The whole system is powered by Powersoft K-Series amplifiers – seven K-6s, eleven K-2s and twenty-four K-3s – all with inbuilt DSP and Pioneer pre-sets.

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    An all-encompassing experience

    The Booom team continues to be blown away by it's bespoke Pioneer club sound system, in particular the even, total coverage that results in complete sonic immersion for guests. As Cipriani comments: "It amazes me that you can feel the pumping bass and yet still be able to have a conversation on the dancefloor."

    Whittle describes the experience: "The sound is warm and organic, yet with tremendous power. You feel like you're in the sound – rather than it's going straight past you. It's exactly how a good nightclub should sound."

    The Booom sound system has really made its mark in Ibiza, with DJs, guests and the dance music press commenting on the immersive, even sound. The influential website Ibiza Spotlight gave Booom a "big tick" on the audio front, while DJs have been seen to leave the booth to stand on the dancefloor for 30 seconds and appreciate the sound themselves.

    Booom resident DJ Behrouz concludes: "The real beauty from a DJ's perspective is that you can hear all of the details very well and mix perfectly. And clubbers can stay a long time on the dancefloor – you never want to leave."

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  • Location : SPAIN
  • Venue : Club

The Booom! installation at a glance:

  • GS-WAVE dancefloor stacks
  • 4 x XY-122 12-inch PA speakers in the DJ booth
  • 2 x XY-215S quasi-bandpass subwoofers in the DJ booth
  • 19 x XY-122 12-inch PA speakers
  • 12 x XY-81 8-inch PA speakers
  • 15 x XY-118S 18-inch bass reflex subwoofers
  • 42 x Powersoft K-Series amplifiers with inbuilt DSP and Pioneer pre-sets
  • Armonía Pro Audio Suite™ software for live monitoring and remote control of amps
  • Customised with gold grilles
  • All brackets provided by Pioneer

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