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Bar and restaurant Texas - USA
New Downtown El Paso Hotspot Relies on
Pioneer PRO AUDIO for Dining, DJs and Live Events

The recently-opened Reagan Gastropub, in El Paso, Texas has become a hotspot within the region’s new downtown restaurant and nightlife experience. A well-equipped XY Series sound system from Pioneer PRO AUDIO keeps this new downtown anchor destination rocking well into the night.


Downtown El Paso, Texas, is experiencing a revitalization. The city has a new trolley system, a new ballpark, and a new Mexican American cultural center that will open soon. The Reagan itself is a renovation project success story. The pub owners took over an old, two-story building with a basement, gutted the building, and turned it into a stylish gastropub by day and a chic DJ/live performance bar and nightclub in the evening.

Daniel Coss, System Sales & Installation Manager at HB Pro Sound, was brought in to help design and install a sound system for the Reagan Gastropub. Established in 1985, HB Pro Sound is a family-owned, El Paso-based business providing design, sales, rental and support services for a range of professional audio, DJ equipment, musical instruments, and video and lighting systems. In early 2019, Reagan Gastropub owners Alex Nava and Kassi Foster experienced a Pioneer PRO AUDIO XY Series sound system at a trade show, and they wanted to bring that high-quality audio experience to the Reagan.


“The owners and general manager are all audiophiles. They know audio systems, and they really appreciate good sound,” said Coss. “The Reagan has a cool southwest, Día de los Muertos type vibe, so the system aesthetics were just as important as the sound quality. The owners specifically asked for an XY system which we configured appropriately for the space. We also added custom finishing to elevate the ambiance.”

With a capacity of about 250, the Reagan Gastropub offers a fine dining experience throughout the day supported with high-quality, background music. As the evening progresses, live DJs take over the   mix, and on weekends or for special events, live bands take the stage. The Pioneer PRO AUDIO XY Series easily supports all the entertainment transitions.


“At first glance, the XY Series seemed like it might be too large for the space, but the more we got into what the owners envisioned and just how flexible they needed to be, the XY makes perfect sense. It sounds amazing throughout the entire day,” added Coss. “The system delivers an accurate, natural and pleasing sound at low levels but totally comes to life as the volume goes up, and we have plenty of headroom which gives us a very smooth, punchy sound with full dynamic range and fidelity.”


The Pioneer PRO AUDIO XY Series is a compact, versatile PA/monitor loudspeaker system perfect for venues and applications of nearly any size. The system’s unique high- and mid-range blended design produces a tightly-controlled sound dispersion for an extraordinarily natural sound. This powerful wave throws a great distance, filling all corners of a room with bass, punch, and clarity that is comfortable for the audience. Because of the cabinets’ unique design, fewer boxes are needed as compared to other systems making the XY Series easy to transport, set up, and install.


Coss explained that the XY system fully supports the pub’s background music streaming, DJ booth, and live stage performances. For the main system, the team installed a set of XY-3B Dual 12-inch, three-way hybrid loaded Bi-amp loudspeakers and a set of XY-2, 8-inch two-way passive, mid/high loudspeakers

as under hangs for a front fill. A pair of XY-218HS Dual 18-inch, horn-loaded subwoofers are installed under the stage, with an additional XY-218HS installed under the DJ booth.

The DJ booth also has a pair of XY-101, 10-inch, two-way, full-range DJ monitors. The stage features XPRS12 stage monitors from Pioneer PRO AUDIO, and all passive loudspeakers are powered by Powersoft amplifiers. The DJ booth is fitted with a pair of Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 professional DJ media players, and a DJM-900NXS2 4-channel club digital mixer.


The club also has a 48-channel digital mixer for stage mixing and control. To make operation easy, the HB Pro Sound team set up a set of user scenes within the mixer based on recommended settings from Pioneer PRO AUDIO.

“The system is so attractive and fits the vibe of the club so well that the owners asked us for a set of gold-plated speaker grills to show off the system and make it a visual part of the experience,” added Coss. “The grills on the XY-218 mains, all 10 of the XPRS speakers, and the DJ monitors are all gold plated — it looks fantastic!”


Not long after the Reagan Gastropub opened, Pioneer DJ product specialist Luis Rodriguez, gave a series of product and technology clinics at the HB Pro Sound showroom. The final evening of the clinics was held at the Reagan so attendees could experience the XY Series and other Pioneer products in a real-world setting.

“Luis Rodriguez really gave the system a workout, and it passed with flying colors. To say that this club rocks is an understatement. The owners actually had a structural engineer come in and reinforce the floors and ceiling because the whole thing was bouncing — especially with a packed house,” said Coss. “The Reagan is filled every weekend, and they’re doing really well, and the Pioneer PRO AUDIO XY sound system is a big part of that success.”

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New Downtown El Paso Hotspot Relies on
Pioneer PRO AUDIO for Dining, DJs and Live Events
Bar and restaurant Texas - USA

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