XY Series


Dual 12” hybrid loaded LF loudspeaker

Developed to allow more versatile use of our flagship XY-3B, the XY-1 and XY-2E represent the LF and MHF sections respectively. Using these individual enclosures enables installers, rental houses and touring companies to easily build ground stacked point-source arrays and deploy systems in venues with low ceilings via a wide variety of configurations.


The XY-1 consists of two 12-inch custom drivers in a hybrid dual-chamber configuration – exactly the same as the XY-3B, maintaining the chest-pumping low end of the flagship model.

These adaptable new additions to the XY Series can also be used as stage fills, for live PA and DJ booth monitoring, thanks to the tailor-made accessories that make them easy to deploy in tight spaces.

Hybrid low-mid section

A hybrid dual 12-inch chamber in the low-mid section enables the drivers to produce precise notes. Water-resistant treatment allows the LF drivers to deliver a natural tightness rather than using thicker speaker cone material which would add weight and slow down the speed of the cones.

Suitable for various configurations

The XY-1 and XY-2E can be quickly and easily deployed in a variety of fixed install and touring scenarios enabling numerous flying and ground stacking configurations. Deploy from low ceilings in single units or horizontal arrays using the CP-XY1VC1 flying cradle or the CP-XY1DF1 jointing plate respectively. Or create an array of up to nine speakers – 3 x 3 – using a combination of CP-XY1DF1 cradles and CP-XY1CON1 plates. Additionally, integrate the XY-2 underneath the XY-1 and XY-2E arrays for increased MHF coverage.

Impact-resistant finish

The new loudspeakers are housed in robust wooden enclosures – ideal for guarding against bumps and scrapes on the road and in tight spaces. The black units also feature an elastothane coating for weather resistance and extra protection against impact.

Product Name
Loudspeaker Type
Dual 12” hybrid loaded LF loudspeaker
15 mm / 0.6" birch plywood
Impact and weather resistant textured polyurethane paint,
System data
Frequency response (+/ -3dB)
55 Hz–400 Hz (-10 dB @ 45 Hz)
* Measured on-axis at 2m in an anechoic environment and referenced to 1m.
System data
Sensitivity (1W/1m)
102 dB
* Measured in half space at 2m with 4W sine wave input and referenced to 1m
System data
Nominal Impedance
4 Ω
Loudspeaker data
Power Handling AES
1400 W RMS, 5600 W Peak
* AES Standard ANSI S4.26-1984.
Loudspeaker data
Power Handling (RMS/Program)
133 dB (cont.), 139 dB (peak)
* Calculated at 1m, and verified by subjective listening test of familiar program material.
Loudspeaker data
Maximum SPL
12” neodymium cone driver x 2
Loudspeaker data
Driver Configuration
Neutrik speakON™ NL 4 x 2
Dimensions / Weight
Dimensions ( W x H x D)
530 x 578 x 540 mm / 20.7" x 22.8" x 21.3"
Dimensions / Weight
34.0 kg / 74.9 lb
PT-XY3LF1- LF driver

4.06 Mb

Drawing data for Rigging hardware
11.36 Mb

EASE data
22.64 Mb

Installation manual
9.4 Mb

Preset data for Linea Research (XY-3B + sub)
0.3 Mb

Preset data for Powersoft
0.77 Mb

Preset data for Powersoft (XY-3B + sub)
0.26 Mb

Processor settings
0.54 Mb

Specifications sheet
2.62 Mb

Technical drawing
4.38 Mb

User manual
4.29 Mb

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