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Club Eindhoven - Netherlands
Eindhoven’s Club Blush upgrades to Pioneer Pro Audio’s XY Speaker system

On Eindhoven’s famous Stratumseind, Club Blush competes with around 50 other nightlife venues for the attention of the city’s party people. Renowned for DJs and live acts exclusively playing R&B and hip-hop, Blush regularly fills its 300-capacity ground floor space with urban music lovers.

The pursuit

Recently, Blush owner Wil Van Melis took the view that the club’s original sound system was no longer fit for purpose and began seeking a solution that would offer the warm sound and deep frequencies upon which urban music depends. He turned to respected club installer Bob Offenbach of Main Gear Supply. “The system they were using at Blush was almost dead,” recalls Offenbach.
“I advised Wil to upgrade his club with the Pioneer Pro Audio XY system, especially the 12-inch XY-122 because it’s beautiful for club purposes. It has the high-power high frequency driver and a great mid driver.”

“Bob gave me a demonstration of the Pioneer Pro Audio system and I said, ‘This is it,’” Explains Blush’s Van Melis.
“It’s wonderful. It’s warm audio. It sounds delicious.”

We have a different DJ every night. They’ve all said, ‘Wow, what’s happening here? It’s never sounded this good before’.
Wil Van Melis | Owner | Club Blush

Immersive club sound

Main Gear Supply installed two XY-118S subs and five XY-122 speakers along with two Powersoft K3 amps and one K2. “The most impressive part for Wil and the guys at the club was that the old system had 10 top cabinets and the sound was awful,” he explains. “We replaced it with five well-placed spots and the result was much better.
We got beautiful coverage of the high frequencies around the club.” Offenbach also used two XY-101 speakers for monitors – one in the DJ booth and one for live acts to use.

Blush hosts DJs and live acts, both of which demand consistent high quality sound and that’s where the XY series shows its versatility in being more than a club system, says Offenbach.
“I’m really in love with the XY-122 because the combination of high frequencies with the mids means you can have high definition sound quality that’s very good for live acts.”

The new system has been popular with DJs as well as customers, says Van Melis. “People who come to Blush want to feel the music. But with the new system you can feel the music and still talk to each other. We’ve had a lot of compliments.”

The speakers go very deep in frequency, and that suits the profile of the music at Blush. Together with Powersoft amps, it’s a great solution.
Bob Offenbach | Main Gear Supply

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Eindhoven’s Club Blush upgrades to Pioneer Pro Audio’s XY Speaker system
Club Eindhoven - Netherlands
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